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    OCS Drilling Platforms(0)
    OCS Oil and Natural Gas Wells(1)
    OCS Oil & Gas Pipelines(2)
    Unofficial State Lateral Boundaries (4)
    BOEM OCS Administrative Boundaries(5)
    BOEM Limit of OCSLA 8(g) zone(7)
    Submerged Lands Act Boundary(8)
    BOEM OCS Protraction Diagrams & Leasing Maps(10)
    BOEM OCS Lease Blocks(11)
    BOEM Block Aliquots(12)
    BOEM Oil and Gas Leases(15)
    Proposed Final OCS Oil and Gas Leasing Program 2012-2017(19)
    BOEM Oil and Gas Planning Areas(20)
    Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act(21)
    2010 Vessel Traffic (AIS)(22)
    2009 Vessel Traffic (AIS)(23)
    OCS Proposed Final Program Areas 2017-2022 (29)
    Atlantic Fishing Revenue Intensity, 2007-2012(31)
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